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Becky Waller


With some surprise I realise over 25 years has passed since we moved into this wonderful village. Martin and I moved to Dorchester in 1997, primarily because we loved the sense of open space and walks from the door. (and Lettice Godfrey piling cakes onto our plates to ‘Eat out of the Way’ at the Abbey tearoom.) 

Our three boys, Tim, Matthew and Sam have grown up in this wonderful village environment where they all attended the village school. 

Like most families, I’ve done my fair share of pre-school committee, toddlers, Sunday school and school picks, and allotment! I was a governor at St Birinus from 2002 - 2012, with a year as Chair. 

The parish council wasn’t on my radar, until the sale of Bishops Court Farm in 2016. Like many villagers I was devastated by the tunnels of barbed wire, particularly at Days Lock, and being denied access both there and on the Dyke Hills. 

Yet the parish council were reluctant to get involved. I was so disappointed. 

So, together with likeminded people, Louise Aukland, John Taylor and others we formed FODLWOS- Friends of Dorchester and Little Wittenham Open Spaces. 

It took 2 village meetings, hundreds of questionnaires, four years later and a change of owner for us to accomplish our goals- to register the two pieces of land as village greens and to record the footpaths at the width they were walked and to pay for the fences to be moved. What we achieved was to secure public access for the village in perpetuity.

The parish council elections represent an opportunity. There is still much to be done to ensure that the assets around the parish are protected, footpaths at Meadside, the public access to the River Thame at Waterloo. 

I believe that people are assets too- and this community has so many skills, hobbies, clubs and activities, young and old which should be celebrated. 

The parish council should help us all to reflect and consider -What does Dorchester 2030 look like? And how will we as a community make it happen? 

I strongly believe in using skills gained throughout life to help people, to make a difference.  I stand for the parish council with that in mind- to bring enthusiasm and determination, and a fresh perspective. 

Becky Waller: Team Members
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