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Chris Hill


My Track Record in the Village

  • Parish Council Chair 2015-2019

  • NDP Chair and Natural Environment author

  • Champion of 2-20+ Meg Broadband evolution 

  • Organiser of first village volunteer groups

    • Cemetery spoil and daffodil planting

    • Drayton Road footpath clearance

    • Watling Lane footpath clearance

    • Old Drayton Road bus stop footpath

    • Bridge End Car Park and underpass clearance

  • Village Christmas tree organiser at Coop

  • Chair of Dorchester Royal British Legion branch

  • Founding Organiser of Wallingford Green Gym 

  • Thame and Thames Water quality citizen science volunteer

  • Dorchester Emergency Contingency Plan author

  • Bridge End Thame access clearance

  • Old Oxford “Roman” Road clearance

  • Village Speedwatch volunteer.

  • Hurst Trust volunteer and trustee (until 2022)

  • Allens Pit Housing Project

  • Affordable Housing Needs Survey organiser 2019

  • Village Parishes Against Gravel Extraction (PAGE) representative

My Vision for the future Dorchester

Dorchester is a much sought-after place to live. Its rich history, pre-Roman and Roman archaeology, charming mediaeval buildings and architecture make it special, its location bounded by two rivers and gravel lakes in a semi rural setting supports a stunning range of countryside and wildlife. Add to this its peace and tranquillity (mostly),make it a unique place to live. It defines the character of Dorchester But this environment is fragile. Once it is gone it will not return.

It will be challenging to integrate the benefits offered by modern life and technology in the future without harming these unique and priceless assets. I believe that this can be done if we proceed cautiously and sensitively and in a balanced way. If we fail we could all be losers of this valuable heritage.

If I am elected I will work passionately to conserve the character, wildlife and natural environment of Dorchester as an incredible village in which to live within a vibrant and thriving community. 

Chris Hill: Team Members
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