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John Taylor


I am a retired businessman living in Overy for the last 26 years. 

Locally I led the PAGE campaign, which after 12 years battling with Oxfordshire County Council, secured the removal of Overy field and the fields around Warborough as potential sites for gravel extraction. I supported Becky Waller in our campaign to protect our open spaces and footpaths. I have been the Vice Chair of The Friends of Dorchester Abbey for the last 9 years.

In the last 10 years I have been actively involved in Oxfordshire’s voluntary sector and learnt of the many challenges people face in our local communities. Amongst other activities, in 2016 this resulted with me leading a campaign to save the Berinsfield Children’s Centre when Oxfordshire County Council withdrew funding. The Children’s Centre used to open for two half days a week. The centre has been transformed into The Berin Centre which I chair and is today a vibrant charity providing family and community services to Berinsfield and surrounding villages, including Dorchester. We have also played an important role of “joining up the dots” within the village significantly increasing collaboration between the various groups operating in Berinsfield for the benefit of many.

Over the years I have learnt that any successful organisation must have a clear view of the road ahead coupled with agreement on the key priorities to achieve the agreed vision. Additionally, one of the hallmarks of success is to be clear on the items that will not be pursued, at least for the time being.

My major concern is that as a community we do not have an agreed view of our future road map for our village. Therefore, for me the number one priority for the next Parish Council is to engage everyone involved in our community in creating a shared vision for Dorchester 2030 and beyond. Consultation, Collaboration and Communication will be critical in developing a robust plan both owned and implemented by the people of Dorchester-on-Thames. My goal is for Dorchester 2030 to be launched at the Annual Parish Meeting in June.

Looking at the work of the outgoing Parish Council I suggest there are two projects that the new council should take forward in the weeks ahead.

  1. Affordable Housing. After 5 years the Sovereign Housing project at Allen’s Pit has failed. We need an urgent re-assessment and evaluation of the options to meet the ever increasing need for affordable housing in our village.

  2. Playground Improvements. Rob Ballantyne has successfully raised the funds, we now need to finalise the equipment specification, appoint contractors and complete the project.

Finally, if elected, I would like to play my part in a team with the ambition of transforming Dorchester Parish Council into a dynamic, forward thinking Parish Council embracing best practices for the benefit of both current and future generations who are so fortunate to call Dorchester their home village.

John Taylor: Team Members
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