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Mike Atkinson


I have loved living in Dorchester since 1997. I have been lucky enough to raise my three children Tabitha, Tom and Toby here. For 17 years, we consistently had one child or another attending St. Birinus Primary School. I’m not sure but think that may be a record!

From the moment I drove over the bridge into Dorchester for the first time to view a cottage I loved it and could not believe I would be lucky enough to live here. Only after moving in did I discover it is not just the aesthetic beauty that makes  Dorchester so special but the supportive, caring and fun-loving community that exists here. A neighbour told me we are blessed to live here and he was absolutely right.

For many of years I have been running a small independent business selling Italian motorbikes and scooters. This I believe has given me a number of talents that would be useful to the Parish council - If I am told something can’t be done I will find a way to do it and a realistic view on the value of money and a hatred of seeing it wasted. 

Last year I attended the village meeting with our youngest son Toby. We left that meeting feeling we could make a really positive contribution to the council and the next day Toby persuaded me to stand and set about becoming my campaign manager.

If lucky enough to be elected I would work to listen to what the community wants both in the short term but also more importantly looking further ahead to the end of the decade. 

It may be my background but to me it seems fairly straightforward - listen, understand and make a plan. I can see no reason why this can’t be achieved within a 3 month period and I would fight to make that happen.

If that all seems a bit vague and noncommittal there are obviously things that are important to me personally, which I would hope with your agreement would become part of our future plan. 

Fundamentally I believe if Dorchester is to prosper as a community we need to make it possible for more young families to be able to live here and for their children to have the opportunities ours were lucky enough to have, therefore I would be in favour of resurrecting the stalled plans for affordable housing at Allen’s Pit. 

Also important to me is considering ways of improving public transport so people young and old can travel home safely both day and night from Oxford, Reading and Wallingford.

Finally my campaign manager has assured me the promise of setting up a youth Council is a real vote winner and I have to say I agree with him.

In summary Dorchester deserves a proactive, vibrant and open-minded council that listens understands and communicates - I really want to be a part of that!

Mike Atkinson: Team Members
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